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SERVUS is creating tools made for enterprise and service professionals, with enhanced analytics and facility feedback that expand your team's capabilities.

How It Works

Property services, anywhere, anytime

Explore Various Services

Explore: Search, view and select from a variety of services available.

Provide Details: Provide further details, upload photos and files regarding the service required.

Schedule Requested Service

Schedule: Schedule the desired date and time of your service request.

Budget: Enter the price you are willing to pay to complete the job.

Live Tracking & Job Status

Track: Track the current location and ETA of your SERVUS Pro.

Live Chat: Communicate directly with your SERVUS Pro with in-app chat.

Stay Updated: Receive real-time updates on job status and capture job duration with in-app timer.

Verify Job Completion

Verify Performance: Receive a detailed itemization of the work completed, including asset data, before and after photos, comments and recommendations.

Sign-Off: Capture e-signatures, notes and additional information.

Leave Ratings & Reviews

Rate: Rate your SERVUS Pro on a number of quality standards.

Provide Feedback: Leave a review of your overall SERVUS experience.
Complete visibility in real time
Real-time facilities management lets you book and track jobs online, day or night and see real-time alerts for jobs that need attention. Also, get insight into complex assets with multitiered asset hierarchy.
Seamlessly access information on the go
With the SERVUS One mobile app, our customers and SERVUS Pros can share job updates, access asset and warranty information, and generate service reports from any mobile device, regardless of connectivity.
Schedule service requests and work intelligently
Schedule service requests and optimize jobs so that the right SERVUS Pro is assigned to the job. With the SERVUS One platform, you can also integrate standard and custom data with work orders.
Connect to actionable analytics
With our facility insights, SERVUS One integrates all of your service data into one easy-to-use application. Drill into key operational data and take action to resolve cases quicker and discover a world-class customer experience.

The SERVUS Advantage

Leaders are at a crossroads across the world, looking at a landscape that is changing drastically. Reopen safely and chart a course for your changing needs with the leading property services experts.

Greater transparency
Grow your business with access to innovative tools built for more visibility, flexibility, and predictability.
Real-time Pricing
Take advantage of committed contract pricing and instant access to current market conditions.
Trusted collaboration
Move your business forward with advanced technology and a team of passionate people trusted by Fortune 500 companies.
Improve your property’s safety and efficiency
Property management teams use our platform to provide services that meet their high standards.

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